"L'esprit envahi de souvenirs et préoccupé par l'avenir perd la fraicheur de l'instant présent.Nous sommes alors incapables de reconnaitre la simplicité lumineuse de l'esprit qui est toujours présente derrière le rideau des pensées."

Matthieu Ricard

"Le bonheur c'est de continuer à désirer ce que l'on possède déjà"
Saint Augustin

"L'important c'est d'être à soi-même sa propre lumière, son propre maître et son propre disciple."
Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

Amor vincit omnia

dimanche 10 février 2013

Baka Gbiné.

Mastered mix from the new album, Kopolo. Out Now! The Baka musicians from Gbiné have come a long way since the release of their last album Gati Bongo. Whereas none of them had ever performed outside their forest home before Gati Bongo was recorded, since it's release they have toured in UK, Belgium and Holland as well as around Cameroon and Congo. They have formed a tight rhythm section which melds with their polyphonic vocal harmonies to create their own unique style as can be heard on the new recording. Although there is now keen competition at Gbiné to play in the band, the rhythm section has become a fixed line-up of Sangowé Elvis on drum kit, Ndia Arbitre on percussion, Barma Jean-Marie on bass and Ndeké Norbert on rhythm guitar. Pelembir Dieudonné is still the most prolific of the song-writers and dynamic of the performers, but others are treading on his heels including his son Freddie (who can be seen singing on the video of "Ewoundo". Mbeh Prosper again provides most of the lead guitar with a bit of help here and there from Baka Beyond's Martin Cradick, who also recorded it all on location deep in the rainforest near the Cameroon-Congo border and mixed and produced it at The Vortex in UK. Although Baka Gbiné have been developing their performance of traditional music and dance, this album is another collection of contemporary guitar based songs guaranteed to get your body moving and your spirits rising. Gati Bongo has been in the iTunes World charts since its release back in 2006. It's sales have helped finance projects set up with the Baka at Gbiné and Global Music Exchange (http://www.1heart.org) which have really made a difference to the lives and social standing of the Baka. Every time Martin returns to Cameroon to continue work with the Baka he is asked when the next album will be ready. Well here's one track from it!

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